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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

You never get too old - - - Whee... Thee Gospel Wings

Wow, what fun! Welcome to my blog... ''Thee Gospel Wings" singers.   My friends and I have an awesomely wonderful time singing under God's grace with His gifts of spreading the gospel, sharing life together, mostly in cheering up & blessing Other people.  We are also, all members of the wonderful Baylor University Senior Adult 14th year & it's gets to be greater each and every year!  We are a 'family'...of  about 110 voices, travel anywhere, do concerts everywhere, TV, radio, DVD's ...we are brave & fun loving believers...who 'try' to make the best... even better as we age!

In our group "Thee Gospel Wings"....we have the wonderful talents of Mr. James Beesley, unbelievably talented Writer/singer/musician (and he is brave to perform with an all women  God has truly blest his talents in all areas...because of His heart 'to honor God' in all things.
  In the past, I have always loved working as leader of Senior Adult Ministry for many years with my beloved hubby....the folks all loved us we did them.  Now after many health issues... that indented my life, here I am... for this last year (almost).... being right back in the middle of senior adults ministry...singing in nursing homes, rehab centers, hospitals and retirement centers, etc....singing old, new, popular, secular & gospel music....and what a blast!
 It humbles Anyone who has a see and feel ....the emotions of these precious residence.....who are so very helpless...most often very hopeless.  Then when we start singing.... as Music reaches out....with Smiles....and hugs....all these precious, painfilled, sad little faces.... become Radiant sun rays shining thru the darkness of walls of bricks/stone/brokenness and pain. 
Music is God's healer! 
   Music carried me... as a little girl through many horrible situations.....and yet...equally so, the awesomely wonderful good events and memories through those treasured years as an innocent little girl out on the vast open prairies of Texas....singing my heart out to the winds of each day, as I rode my beautiful horse for my daily rounding up work of the livestock. Life and music held my heart.
Music was the basis of my Teenage Roc n Roll years!!!  Wow, what awesome memories and treasures hubby and I had... and..... still... enjoy to this day of our... now 55 years of marriage!!!!  wow..just to be alive, woohoo!

 Music was the glue to raising our wonderful two kiddoes...from nursery rhyms/songs.... to choirs/solos, church/concert events,  Jr. High band, ballgames, cheerleading, dances.... to beautiful musical weddings of each.

Music via singers, instruments, orchestra/bands... were my heritage and ancestry.....both of my parents family set the example...cut my pathway of love for melodies and dreams built on the musical notes; rainbows of heaven.  My granddaddy a music teacher ~ ~ ~

God's special Music brought me thru two horrific cancers....and unexplainable miraculous 'survival' <>< 

Music soothed my broken heart of saddest days of  death...losses...problems and horrible physical/emotional pain.

Music is today....My Laughter!  ;-)

Music is what I have in my heal me....and.... to lift the spirits of  others....those who are so broken and in much greater needs that I can ever, ever express.
Lord, how can I let you know how very much that Your creation of Music really means to me? sharing it with others.

Thank You, Lord, for our group:  Thee Gospel Wings. our pathways.

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