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Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Fear Not!"..... or.....Fear a Lot??? ha ha

Our Bible tells us all, very plainly.... in the Old and the New Testament....365 times (one for each day of the year)----to .....FEAR NOT!

And the words apply very well for me...about death that is....I don't fear it....I just fear the PROCESS of GETTING THERE! (can you identify...hummm?) :-D
I just don't want any part of----Pain, suffering and mind boggling FEAR!
Please, Lord, forgive me for being Mortal!
Fear not........nope......I FEAR A LOT!!!

When a person is hurting CAN have comfort in KNOWING that our God is there with you---but it doesn't always remove the pain. It does not remove death. We all die. We all will go through some suffering, some more than others.

Today---I fear not death----I fear life!

Today---I prepare my mindset for MORE new surgery! Very, Very Painful surgery that I have already WITNESSED to the very fullest of pain and suffering to a very HEALTHY person, my hubby. Four years ago he had BOTH of his knees replaced at the same time! A medical improbability for his size and age. A medical miracle because of God's science, medicines and His awesome COVERING via awesome prayer partners. this process...I witnessed a giant man shook in RIGORS with pain and suffering as he awoke from surgery---six days unable to STAND. This giant of man, muscles taunt, shriveled up like a little mouse in pain, shaking from head to foot---with pain. Later that second evening, I watched with a frozen heart, petrifide in fear as both of this mans legs SPRAYED his hospital room BLOOD RED. Yes, spraying like a lawn sprayer. All STAT floor call went out for our room---the head on-call doctor ran in our door....sees the scene----TURNS GREEN---runs down the hall.

Thinking back---its somewhat funny---at the time, HORRIFIC! That handsome young doctor was one scared/shocked young man! But we had an AWESOME set of very experienced nursing staff that immediately TOOK charge as best possible.

Equally important to say....just outside the door of our room was some of dearest friends from our church that had stopped by 'just to check on us"...she step to the door...saw what was happening...because the room was chaos and RED---I motioned for her to use her cell phone & start a SPECIAL EMERGENCY PRAYER CHAIN for Jim . We do this constantly---just never thought it would be ME asking for the prayer chain! Within seconds....our church, the Waco Baptist Association of Churches and my Baylor Sr. Choir prayer chains were praying. Thank God....Praise God for the 'Power of Prayer!!!".

And...As the Doctors later stated----'we don 't know WHY the bleeding STARTED....but we have to admit we DO KNOW WHY it stopped....and it wasn't a medical miracle...there was a GREATER Source for this one!
Now when doctors say things like that----it's mighty neat & emphatically true!

Prayers were answered, the bleeding finally stopped----transfusions were then begun, horrible hallucinations began and hubby became mentally confused/fighting tubes/equipment---scared and hurting. I HAD to stand holding his arms---holding his transfusion tubes from 7:30 pm until 4 AM because he was delirious. At midnight, the sweet nurse kept checking and worrying about me standing constantly with the tubes---but if I didn't hold them---he would JERK them out and stop his own new blood replacement that was so greatly needed. Anyway, around midnight the nurse decided to TRY to speed up his transfusion. It worked ok until about 1:30 when he went into cardiac arrest due to the blood coming in too fast for the heart to manage. Then...another All Stat call went out for our room. Again, God was there. His people were there.

Yes, praise God for His miracles/touch/medicines and awesome servants, my hubby finally stood 6 days later and walked 30 steps of VICTORY... after completing 2 different rehabs...he/we received a NEW LIFE.... NEW HEALTH. We have been soooo blessed! Our God and His people are so good!

BUUUUUT-----where does that leave me today----as now I AM FACING THAT SAME SURGERY ON MAY 20TH. Scared silly. He was in greatest health. I am still battling cancer. trials..(twice over) and last one was stage 5 (death sentence)---but God gave me LIFE...via prayer warriors. Today, I have tons of left over health problems, heavy drugs, broken immune system from hospital staff infection that nearly took my life...diabetes, occasional dizziness/damage from having a chemical filled balloon placed inside my body for 8 days followed by having 6 months of radiation treatments done in 5 days ,,,of 2 & 3 treatments per day--12 MRI's of more lengthy radiation--prior to each treatment--to see how my heart and the rest of my body was reacting to the experimental treatments. Not to mention a total of 8 cutting surgeries for the two cancers. (one cutting Before the Novocain had taken effect. arrrg!) Add on a minor ...ha ha.... Sleep Apnea that requires a breathing c-pap machine when the heart stops beating from no oxygen. etc,etc. etc. yatta yatta---- :-D

So, am I really all that sinful....if I honestly say----'YES, I FEAR! .....

Again---death is not a problem-----IF my Lord has a 'Heavenly CRUISE ready to sail across that ocean of blue-----believe me----my bags are already packed. I worry for my beloved hubby.
But for the pain ahead of me----I just need prayer partners, friends and family to PRAY for my PAIN and fears, recovery, success and strength. (my hubby ONLY had the fear of the unknown---I have that fear PLUS the fear of WHAT I HAVE ALREADY SEEN/I KNOW from watching him go through it (ha ha... ) ...can ya see I'm TRYING to have a good sense of humor here??? ha

So, again, if you have PRAYER CHAINS....please, would you be so kind and add my name to that listing. I thank you most humbly for all of your past prayers ....(that remains to be the very reason that I AM still ALIVE TODAY). I am humbled and I am grateful, I thank you!So...Lord....Here we go again---"I need THEE every hour....every hour I need Thee".

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

To all people who have Hurting Feet!

A single guy decides life would be more fun if he had a pet. So he went to the pet store and told the owner that he wanted to buy an unusual pet. After some discussion, he finally bought a talking centipede, (100-legged bug), which came in a little white box to use for his house.

He took the box back home, found a good location for the box, and decided he would start off by taking his new pet to church with him.. So he asked the centipede in the box, "Would you like to go to church with me today? We will have a good time." But there was no answer from his new pet.

This bothered him a bit, but he waited a few minutes and then asked him again, "How about going to church with me and receive blessings?

But again, there was no answer from his new friend and pet. So he waited a few minutes more, thinking about the situation. He decided to ask him one more time; this time putting his face up against the centipede's house and shouting, "Hey, in there! Would you like to go to church with me and learn about The Lord!?"

A little voice came out of the box:

"I heard you the first time! I'm just putting on my shoes"


Have a happy day!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter and the Grandest Photos of Grandkids....

These are NOT grandchildren...ha ha ---just a warm & fuzzy photo for Easter... of Love, warmth, tenderness and understanding...reflecting that God is Love...our savior and creator of all good and perfect gifts. Salvation! Easter every day & forever!EASTER is my FAVORITE time of the whole year! And what can be neater than, baby animals, EASTER egg painting AND praising Jesus for the GRACE & gift of Calvary....our salvation. Normally....I would say..."Nothing can be greater than this...but this year I found that God just gets better.... and He ADDS even more blessings than the above ...when your GRANDCHILD....accepts Christ as her Savior and is BAPTIZED at Easter. Whoa and Wow! NOW....THAT'S truly the 'frosting of your Easter Bunny CAKE...of LIFE AND ETERNITY!!!!
The following are our GRANDKIDS Easter pictures and treasures. We are proud of these kids!

Wow.... TEXAS BLUEBONNETS....Easter Time in Texas....AND
our precious little Chinese Granddaughter Zoe Noel. She is just as cute as her pictures. Like all of her cousins....they all LOVE to POSE for their Mommy's camera.....(er er...wellll... most of the time...ha ha) aaand...Kids R just kids sometimes. haha

Girls love cameras! Our are no different!
Hooray...for our FIRST grandchild...Kori Faith...who is very creative and LOVES painting...especially EASTER EGGS!!!
Her smile matches her personality! She and Zoe (cousins) both love doing all kinds of art, and cooking in the kitchen....their way. ha ha Very entertaining young ladies!
Kori has two zesty 'little brothers'.
Our FIRST GRANDSON, Josh (ua) Dayne---handsome, who is very serious and loving personality. Then, last but not least--- our youngest grandchild, Matthew, is the little man of laughter, pranks and giggles....below. His parents enjoy watching him take naps. ha ha

What can be cuter than a kids perfect smile.....Oriental fries/style..ha ha ..and tons of Bluebonnets? Just a cute shot that needed to be posted.
The 'frosting on the cake' for this below--Zoe's baptism.... (our daughter took this shot from the side of the church baptistry...tops for anyone that knows Christ as Lord and Savior.

THIS is the only thing more beautiful than kids being kids & bluebonnets---a Daddy getting the proud honor of BAPTISING his own beautiful little adopted daughter in his pastoral church---after she has told them simply one Saturday night..."Mommy, Daddy, I need to talk----I want to be 'baba..tised cause I want to take Jesus into my harrt"
(how sweet is that?)
Yes, she took classes to learn more about 'Her choice" of believing and following Jesus .Christ...which I think is so wonderful (not totally necessary....but so helpful for her facing the world and life). I have always loved this educational idea and concept.
And---what about this darling.... cute and most charming Zoe smile during baptism? was very perfect for a child...whose FEET kept floating to the top in the water.... (ha ha)
and a Daddy who had a microphone attached to white robe....and is whispering to his precious beloved..... "Zoe, put your feet down...Zoe, put your feet down"...all his whispering....going OUT on the LOUD Speaker to the whole congregation ....who is by now dying laughing/snickering with humor and understanding.

So cute! poor Daddy (but he loved it and ended up ...more or less... 'having to just DUNK her little BOUNCING body beneath the baptismal waters. ha ha Beautiful event...treasured memories and 'FOREVER saved'---suffer not the little children!
Our other grandchildren also attend church regularly and as they reach this stage... there will always be Joy, celebration and treasured blessings to see each follow... as God leads in each of their lives.
(I must say tho----that Zoe's baptism was much better than my own memories of being baptised in the Brazos River...with huge long SNAKES swimming around us kids and the pastor...and teenagers throwing rocks to chase the snakes across the river to the watermelon patch. The snakes made this little prairie dog almost forget totally what baptism was all about at that moment!) Thank God for indoor baptistries!!!

I hope you enjoyed the above. We treasure it. May God continue to bless your life.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Palm Sunday and Holy Week...

Is there really ANYTHING greater than our salvation through Jesus Christ?
No, not really

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for your Entry into the city on a carpet of green palm leaves on Palm Sunday...but thank you most of all for YOUR SACRIFICE and suffering (for me & the whole world) where you laid down a RED carpet of YOUR Blood on a hillside called Golgotha--for us---for ONLY through you.... we are truly 'saved by your blood'---our sins erased. How can words really express this? Works can't do it! Humble and Grateful are we!!!

Yes, it's so wonderful how God blesses us daily with zillions of awesome gifts and blessings....but it still all boils down to our Alph and our Omega....our beginning and our end. He creates us in our beginning and takes us home in our earthly ending---as followers/believers... forever. Wow, how great is THAT?

HE IS the Alpha and the Omega...and He made us in His! PLUS, sometimes it's mind boggling just to know that ---God is Love...that Love comes in a jillion forms and ways. We ARE so blessed. It's 'All about Him'....and not about us---yet WE are the ones that are blessed.

I LOVE this time of year...all Glory to God! Yesterday was Palm Sunday and our awesome church had the greatest EVER....'Living Lord's Supper". So annointed and touching. I was 'doubly blest" because when I went in... I was physically hurting and sitting was not helping the matter and equally....I was sort of sad beforehand.... because at the same time as we were absorbed in our Worship in our home church....our little Chinese granddaughter was ALSO being baptised in her parents church in another city---and we were unable to attend. Life is what it is and we have to accept what we cannot change in life...but that doesn't erase emotions. But the most touching Living Lords Supper itself meant twice as much yesterday... as it would have originally---- and those that know me...know that to me .....Easter is the greatest celebration of Lord's 'Living sacrifice" is the TOP of everything!!! Period.... He didn't have to....He Chose to. He gave HIS all for me ...for you. Eternal life is HIS free gift....simply called by that beautiful word "Grace". (such a small COVER soooooo much!)

Millions of people have drawn... painted....and actors portrayed the above picture but the truth's all a 'guessing game' to how the disciples sat, what they said---- but,,,on the other hand... there IS NO question about it---- when YOU FEEL HIM in your heart, mind and soul. Ya know whatcha know! Bless His Holy Name!

"Not my will...but Thine, Oh Lord"...the gasping prayer of Jesus in the garden on his last night. How tortured He must have been! Sweat drops as blood...yet He said 'not my will but yours'...Father----------
This has been a repeated phrase that I have spoken over my life many, many times, especially when things were totally chaos. One very special time was back when my dear Mom was 94 years old, in a nursing home, on her death bed and we were told that she would not live through the night.

That night I quickly penned a poem that I named this title. Much to my surprise and joy the poem later won 5th in the nation of 100's of thousands of entrants and that 20 line poem is 'suppose' to be in Washington DC Library of Congress. The neatest part is that my poem that was written straight from the heart as a prayer---- that it was truly answered miraculously by God...because the next morning....

My little Mom was 'sitting up in bed EATING breakfast with a big smile, awaiting my arrival!!! (she had NOT eaten in over a week!) She almost lived to see her hundredth birthday. As she taught..."Not my will...but Thine oh, Lord!" Thank you, Jesus, for everything!

Is there anyone who has NOT been betrayed by friends? Not likely...but JESUS? The Savior, the healer of the blind, the deaf, crippled and raising those from the dead...Why? Jealousy...the green eyed monster of earth! Fear...the blackened snake of darkness. Both HISS of evil even today. They THINK they killed Jesus---but Jesus CHOSE to die ....for our sins. He chose to suffer in our place.
Yes, Praise God----Jesus knows first handedly what we all go through in life---he's been there. All praise and honor to His Holy name for still being there today to help US go through trials and problems.

THE STONE WAS ROLLED AWAY! The TOMB is empty. He LIVES. I can face tomorrow 'BECAUSE HE LIVES'. I can do all things through Him and His name.

This Easter...May each of you enjoy all the man made celebrations of New life....bunnies, baby chicks, fresh flowers, birds, butterflies & even bumblebees...Easter Eggs and maybe even FAKE GRASS/eggs in your Easter basket. ha ha May you laugh at the crazy things little kids do. (or adults) ha ha May all the COLORS of the CROSS help us all to remember the great LOVE that Jesus had to have in order to ENDure the payment for OUR sins.

May THIS Easter celebration bring you the GREATEST JOY.... greatest reflection and Rememberance of His life, his death....and most of all His Resurrection!

Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Little Boys...PROVE God's Great "Sense of Humor"!

Yikes, Frogs are often.... little boys Best Friends.....

They often...Never, ever consider.....the ending results of choices...

God loved and created 'Little Boys'...and they love HIS WATERMELON....

(isn't this precious?)

Horrors! 'TESTING" is born into the nature of every Little Boy---beware all Mom's


Wonder what's under there?

"I told you...I was hungry!"

"It's toooo far to the bathroom, Mommy!"

Below: "I am soooo funny, Mommy"

I hope you enjoyed seeing what God gets to see every day with His little Creations! They are so funny. Call or comment IF any of these ...or similar things have happened in your life. HA HA Have a great day. Be safe...keeping laughing......