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Friday, August 30, 2013

School Starts....Mentoring Begins....Joy fills the Air

Wow, what a wonderful time of year!  School starting, kids all excited.  Some parents weep. 
 Some parents (and Grandparents).... celebrate.  Haha 
(Yes, we have about as many grandparents raising grandkids now as we do parents).  Sad...but sometimes better than the alternate.

    For's extremely exciting as I ''restart' my new school year of ''mentoring'' to poverty stricken little girls & boys.  This is a volunteer effort that is internationally known as Kids Hope USA which set up through our wonderful church...but also world wide, esp. in Africa.  We were recently honored to be named 3rd largest/most successful group of this organization....whee, we do try to love/help hurting kids.

One of my little ones is so precious and beautiful that she could easily be a model already and she is only 12 years old.  The last year we have been up hill .....and down hill...up hill....and back down that hill.  haha....and args... ;-)
She loves me dearly as her I do her.  She has brought me joy and obviously I bring her tons of giggles!!! haha
I have always 'loved' cutting up with kids....esp. those that seem to get into trouble in school and end up in the principals office where I worked for 15 years. 
The Principals was Always naturally, guess WHO got the pleasure of 'helping'....or ''maintaining'' a hotheaded kid that's just....spent the last 15 minutes ,,,,arguing with his or her teacher....and here they Venting me with Every emotions/sweat gland that are in OVER Abundant supply by the time they appear before my office window. haha
  So, yes, I have had many experiences and opportunities in my career.... to 'work with' the troubled kiddoes. 
Amusing, Amazing, & of Astonishing~!~~ 
(plus 10 more years working in Youth Prison Ministries of Texas)  Another another time~
My little angel, KeKe....her one that's so gorgeous...yet culturally bound to 'express herself willingly to her teachers/adults'.....but (thank the Lord) never to me as 'her friend'.  
Thus this year at the 4th grade making VERY Unwise beautiful little friend....ended up TWICE being sent to 'Alternative School' 11 yrs old..arg......where each time she does with me....she ''became'' the 'Sweetest Little Angel" in the alternative school and got early release from the counselors, as.... 'she was doing so well with her choices....and she is recognizing that her wrong choices are only going change ...when she 'chooses' to change her attitude''
----Well, well, do tell? ---
She actually ''ALREADY Knew all Dat before going to that place!!! ''
 (her own hilarious words To me upon return)  LOL....she can break me up in a NY second...with her awesome witty smartness/wisdom....far beyond her age and years!    She is a Born Manipulator.....When She Wants to manipulator for her own happiness. wow!  But, even that in itself shows the functioning of her brain is awesome....whew!   (forget about all the 8 special Ed codes)
 Yet, mentoring is so rewarding...& yes, often very trying!  Sometimes great, great progress is some....they are rock solid, a big fat 'zero'. 
Disappointments, yes.  But when you get to sit back in your own comfortable world and look at the Whole picture----the disappointments really are worth the effort!
Last year when I first met my little one....I was only given a extremely  brief background....'she was very troubled/poor...and had the world longest/most confusing name ever!!!  (why do people put horrific 'handle-bar names' on innocent little babies/children...why? why? why?
Our first day, she met me with a judgmental look, trying to size up the white lady in Baylor clothes. She knew I was there to try to help her....she just didn't know whether I was to be trusted.  Robotically, she bobbed her head occasionally or would sit as if in a daze or stupor...and not answer and doing anything!  Often turning her head opposite directions, with body language of 'leave me alone'....I know you don't really care for black kids''. 
I was just as determined as keep smiling, keep joking, keep offering fun ideas.  She didn't budge at first!!!
   Gradually, the outer shell was cracked during that first visit and then,  almost immediately this butterfly opened her heart, mind---- and smile to me....absolutely,  the widest most beautiful set of teeth that I ha Ever seen! LOL....that smile melted my heart!!! 
 We had a wonderful year, holidays, celebrations, her events of  stubbornness, her rebellion to authority of others....but games were great...(teaching games that she never realized that she was learning while working).
Zig Zags here, there and everywhere, picnics n the park, lunches together and all her classmates 'bugging' be 'their mentor'....this really thrilled her heart and pride beyond everything.  The others would rush to me, with big hugs/begs/compliments/ SHE stood very close by me.... holding my hand (her choice...we're taught to be cautious)....she was so tickled to virtually 'have something'....anything that the other kiddoes didn't have. 
 (and yes, your first thought well, 'what about the Other kids feelings.....and Yes, I felt every emotion that you are thinking....why can't every kid have a Mentor....I want them All to feel feel Special....why, why, why ?
No, she's not my child, she just my little friend, so naturally I don't feel comfortable putting up photos but wow, what a changed little a little lady, matures right before my eyes....and so neat that she now says 'thank you' and has manners----to me. 
 (have I given you a clue here.....that....her problems remain---they ARE improved oodles's only TO me--for which I am So grateful but....not her teachers/elders of school staff as she should be doing.
Again, it's so sad.  Lots of little sisters just as cute & like her as she sets the example as the oldest child,  along with, a wondering mom, gramma, but all are set to a sad culture of being 'defeated' due to rebellion/crime/self pity...... when they are So Able to make a difference for themselves and esp. the innocent kids. 
So, I will remain long as allowed because like the story of the old fisherman on the beach that kept throwing all the little star fish right back in the water'....and when he was asked
 'why do you waste your time doing will never make a difference?"
    His the same as mine about my little star fish, Kiki......''Well, it WILL make a Difference to the One little star fish that I just threw back into the water"
    God just help me make a 'difference' for this one little Star Fish, My precious little Kiki ~ ~ ~  <>< ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~~

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