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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How do you say, Humbled & Grateful....

With tons of hugs.... & praises to our Lord, to family and doctors, nurses, techs, science, medicine, hospitals, labs, scientists & inventors----all who had a part in my recovery.

Yes, I am thriving well. (didn't say without pain...ha ha....but doing very well...considering all that has been going on in my life to this point.) Six weeks and I have walked steps alone very guardedly through the house/patio, driven a very short distance...but with great wisdom and guidance still use walker or cane until each of these new knees CHOOSE to stop 'going opposite directions' occasionally. That's a FREAKY feeling, believe me! I practice all therapy constantly trying to 'do my best' and make this all worth while. I ALREADY have more energy/strength than I did before---and that is a miracle--one that I certainly never expected and a MOST WELCOMED surprised!

I have always loved my home, retirement years...but never so after two weeks in the hospital with awful pain/wonderful people....

Between a wonderful husband--- and our daughter/granddaughter who came and stayed a week to help me RE-learn to stand...walk/motivate...I am humbled to the MAX.

(just in in case ANY independent, self-reliant woman has never been totally HELPLESS---believe me---there is nothing on earth so devastating to your mind. I am very sure that IT IS GOOD FOR US to be so humbled...but again...there is NO experience like it in life. Yet I have to say "I now am glad that I had the experience because beforehand...I FELT that I sort of knew the impact and compassion for...and of....other people who were helpless/down---but I learned that ---I really wasn't even close!!!

ONLY God and tears cling close constantly....and then inside our human brain --well, that won't shut up!!! pained thinking as well as body!

I learned WHY ....little people in the nursing home 'bob' their heads so much...instead of speaking. They CAN'T. They hurt too much, too deep!!! Their brains are still churning tho....

But HOOOray, and again I say hooray. Home Sweet Home....I am SO GLAD TO BE HOME! I was so welcomed BIG FAT TOMCAT (named BC---because as a kitten he was such a little pest that we couldn't decide if he was a 'blessing or a curse'....ha ha, so for short, we named him BC----

well, he was STILL laying on my computer---when I returned home....where he loves to stay with me. As an aging tomcat tho---as most of you know... he loves to 'just FLOP' and snooze. He has barely left my side now that I am home. ha ha ....nice feeling of dedication---a soft, fuzzy, fluffy sweetie now.

The wild redbirds were still eating bird food outside on my window sill. this is something I have always loved. Mr & Mrs. Redbird couples will 'bill n coo'....kiss and feed each other, so beautifully. It's amazing to watch God's nature. Then we have the cotton tail rabbits who were still eating feed and grass in the early morning sunrise...just outside my bedroom window with all the other jillion song birds singing to greet me back home. Wow...Again, its so wonderful to be be have be... healing.

I Shall Walk again....all praise to Thee Giver of good & perfect gifts!!! Our Lord!

I THANK YOU ALL from the very bottom of my heart. May you be blessed a 100 fold as well. His child, Gloria