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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Two Faced People R also Two Taled ...;-D

If someone is a Two Faced they also have Two Tales (tails)...oh yes!!! You bet they do.

Maybe it's because I am getting older...or having more experiences in life... but I certainly have far less patience than I USED to have with people who constantly prove to be two-faced and untrue. I have always called this the 'the 5th grade Mindset" because it's so immature and stupid. But after living it as a child in school as all do AND after working daily for over 15 years/trained in both regular/Special Ed..... with school kids/church kids and then raising two of my own, plus two others...I feel that through the years/kids...I learned a long time ago that it is common...tho...unnecessary element of life and extremely hurtful to innocent individuals. People with Two faces...also have two tales/tails...the latter is the largest!!!

Yet here I am, recently turned 70 years old and this crazy junk still pops up in my life...and I step back in total disgust and amazement...'where does this mess come from?". What's it all about? What does the Giver Get out of being two-faced/hypocritical. What is gained?
And no, it is not coming from friends my age or older...mercy...they~~for the most part~~ are like me...had ENOUGH of this world's weird junk that they grab for every inch and fraction of joy/laughter/rainbow that they can sqeeze out of each their own bodies give them enough pain/misery of aging....that they certainly don't care to stir up more troubles/pain/disgust..on top of what they already have to endure just 'staying alive'.
We all agree seems that 'lying' has become the most practiced lifestyle/acceptable/often expected of the world today.

It seems that some PREFER to LIVE in lies and deceit...than just live a simple and happy life. Almost everyone is sick of the renown Politicians lying about everything/we sort of 'expect it/ hahaha...but most commercials consist of lies, TV, Ads, media....and people in general. What makes fakes feel such low self-esteemed that they lie about unnecessary things/junk & that truth doesn't even matter? (You can see/understand that the person in the courtroom always says "I didn't do it"...but two-faced so called friends...'what's with that??) I am simply referring to some people hurt by two faced/taled 1/2 wits/gossip.

And I am not talking about people 'kidding', cutting up, telling silly funnies to entertain and make somebody laugh...that's not the issue at all. Almost everybody loves to laugh...if they don't...then they should!!! ;-D It's good for their health/life and spirit. But I am addressing those that JUST reason needed.... are two-faced and carry two tales/tails..(or more) .and eventually make real tails out of themselves and others by their actions//words/deeds. Wrong/hurtful/devilish junk. humm, guess I have just written my own REAL the word...devil.... hummm. ;-\

I'm just saying...wrong is wrong....just because 'somebody said it'...does not make it true. Gossip is's disgusting! If it's not's usually hurtful!..God sees and judges all.