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Friday, August 21, 2009

Past Miracles and Present Inspirations

I am recovering....slowly. I am happy. I am blessed....yet, like everyone, I get 'down'...then get mad at myself for 'going there'. ha ha I just had my 69th birthday which was one of the best! Many surprises and unexpected JOYS/BLESSINGS...coming from many unexpected directions. Frankly, after all the medical messes of recent years....I am just surprised to still be alive. ha ha

But this morning after our daughter, hubby & granddaughter left after spending the night and taking us to an awesome dinner....the house now seems so quiet and empty. I tried reading--enjoyable. I tried updating calendars and events--pleasant. Tried to use pets by hugs and cuddly talks...they were all SLEEPY. ha ha

It's too early to 'call someone to cheer up'.....that would likely make most of my chose NOT to be my friends. ha ha I reviewed old yearbooks...then an album and buried in all that until my eyes were blurry and my back/neck/arms ached. (have you ever done this?)
THEN while reading from some of my old collections---most of which I had totally forgotten about or even remembered writing----I came across something that INSPIRED and encourage my heart to hit my blog---in hopes that the following little story of truth might possible 'give HOPE' to some one who is hopeless or feeling down.

I guess everyone has read the often printed lists....about Thomas Edison having 1000's of FAILURES....even tho he was one of the greatest of Inventors Ever. Then were the lists about PRESIDENT ABRAHAM LINCOLN 'S gigantic list of failures to political offices and businesses---yet he became one of GREATEST presidents of the greatest nation on earth!

Well, in my collection---that I had forgotten---is the neatest Abe Lincoln archived story. I love it and it has once again....blessed me with inspirational smiles & joy.

As a young man, Abe Lincoln went into business with a friend. They opened up a little store. IT FAILED!

Very sadly they were forced to close their doors. Deeply disappointed with life, Abe told his dear friend, "you know, IF I could have a WISH today.... I would like to study LAW and I wish I had a copy of the "Lawyers Black Book of Laws" but guess it's not meant to be....because I don't have the money...all I have is 50 cents to my name."

The two men continued working in the store; cleaning, stacking, storing items and a few hours later an older couple came down the street in their wagon which was loaded with their kids, all looking very sad, worried. very tattered and forlorn.
They pulled their wagon up to the front of the store. The man timidly told Abe and his friend that they had no food and that the kids were starving and 'all he had to sell for money to buy food was an old wooden barrel' that was sitting on the back of the wagon.

The man asked Abe and his friend if they could possibly buy the barrel so his children could have food to eat. The two men then looked at the barrel. It was very old, weather worn, ragged and the rusty rings nearly gone---couldn't be of much use because it couldn't hold grain or water. But Abe was suddenly filled with pity and compassion for this starving family ....even tho he only had 50 cents in his pocket.

As he later told....this was his total worth at that moment was 50 cents but his heart couldn't let this family suffer any longer. So, actually sort of embarrassed, he asked the man if he would sell the barrel for 50 cents? Joyfully, the man jumped down from his wagon ....ran over and shook Abe's hand, saying, 'Oh, yes, sir, yes, sir...that would be wonderful, anything...just so my children can eat. Thank you, kind sir!"

Quickly Abe paid the man his last 50 cents for the old rusty barrel.
Very carefully, Abe slid the old rickety barrel off of the back of the old wagon....and then rolled it over to the side of their little store. He stood it 'up right' and heard a noise from deep inside the barrel of something sliding back and forth. He quickly looked inside. Deep within the walls of the rickety old barrel, Abe Lincoln found a copy of "Lawyers Black Book of Laws". (the lawyers training book of the 1800's)...a special blessing from God.

This little book eventually led Abraham Lincoln to become one of our greatest Statesmen and the President of the United States!

Moral: always 'go with your heart--- in helping and consoling others...regardless your own circumstances....many are worse off than you ---and you will never be able to 'out give God's gifts and miracles or figure out his mysteries."
And regardless whether our Wagon is loaded or empty, it all depends upon our perspective. His ways are not ours...and yet He is always there for us...our job is to 'Hang on for the long haul'. Be happy. May your wagon always be blessed!