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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ho Hum...reviewing the facts just for fun - - -


Sometimes, I am amazed at how I can simply 'think' myself into situations & decisions, even tho I know fully well, that God Has Already made a special Plan for my He is our guide/protector.
(I guess in my own way, I try to 'Rush' ...Him up at times when I am eager to try something new...haha, & 'Katy bar the door' on that effort! LOL) Altho 'games' are fun----and we know that God Himself prefers Not to use fortune-tellers, soothsayers, or hocus-pocus humans to foretell His secret plan for us... He LIKES being in charge!
Yet, sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking, ''Hum, guess this thought/decision is ...God... telling me to go ahead...jump 'OVER' that big'll be good exercise/good health/save you time....(when we Know we might Fall on our Face on the other side)
Yet... in reality, all God really wants us to do is ....simply walk 'Around' the rock the road...without stressing/worrying or a word,.... without wasting time 'thinking'. (His special PLAN for each of our lives is always there anyway....just encouraging us to '' walk on, walk Around and Away from the issue of the rocks of life!!! --- I'm there w/you.''
Well, as silly as the above may a way... it's that way for us everyday when we're around other suddenly drop right down in front of us in a split second...blocking our pathway/life. So, we move on,.... or stop/worry/wonder/ponder about our Bigger/smarter Thoughts/answers---when God's special plan is right in front of our face. Duh...
Today is one of those days for me. There's a big rock/temptation that I sort of want to 'jump on' or over ( I detest unfairness/stupidity)....yet I know...God whispers quietly in my ear....''----just walk around the rocks/bolders in the road....don't waste time even thinking about it "I'm Still in Charge...and "I" make the Final judgement!" "I have better plans for you...if YOU follow my way...."

  Wheeee....thanks Lord for walking me thru this little assignment!

  ( But doesn't anyone else sometimes want to 'rush up' our Lord's assignments...or maybe 'help it along' a just little wee bit.    hahaha?
  Humm, ''be still my child....and know that I am God'' .....  smile <><

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