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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Run, Turkey, Run...(Thanksgivings on the way)

Run, Run, Run....stop the man with the gun! Save the wild turkeys!!!!!


Five awesomely beautiful WILD Black Turkeys were.....slowly...moseying..(sp), strolling around in our backyard and beside our house. My hubby was just driving into our driveway and called me on the cell phone to 'quickly LOOK out the bedroom window. (it was a cold, rainey day...I was hurting for most of my day and had curled up into a fetal postion in our cozy fluffy bed---which hubby knew about and he had been calling off and on during the work day to check on, when he said "quick...look''...I KNEW it HAD TO BE something MIGHTY DIFFERENT.) AND IT WAS!

We live on a populated hillside, near a very busy highway....yet these beautiful animals FELT safe enough on our property....(probably our back pasture full of tall Johnson grass. mesquites and cedar trees helped) ha ha They seemed so perfectly AT HOME!!!

Both hubby and I sat mesmerized..... on our cell phones...watching....all five of these unique wild black birds...slowly walk with confidence, grace and obvious pleasure back and forth in our yard outside my bedroom window. They quietly pecked the ground, eating this and that and .....just as quietly and peacefully as they moved about....I suddenly felt a very warm, CLOSE touch...something if God Himself was whispering to me..."this is just for help you remember me... and not think about the pain...these are my creations...their beauty is for your pleasure...soooo enjoy".

And...enjoy I did!!! Hubby and I felt very 'honored' ....silly as it may have this unusual CLOSE visit from the wild black turkeys. And then.... just as they had suddenly APPEARED....equally so...very gracefully, they marched in a straight line....with one 'fanning' out his if to say " was a nice to visit with you'.... they then ventured down the fence line of trees and through the over growth---until out of sight on the far hillside and into an earth tank, obviously to get a drink of water...or to their hideout among lots of trees.

We do have jillions of cayotes that have a 'path' exactly WHERE the turkeys these HAVE GOT TO BE some mighty SMART outwit MAN....evil GUNS and the cayotes.

I put out lots of feed for wild bird all year and have had so many different KINDS of birds to come to eat outside my window. For a year we have had 3 different kinds/flocks of DOVES that came group at about 9 am..., another @ 10;15 and 3rd around 11 am each day--huge ones---...UNTIL September 1st....DOVE SEASON...and pow, pow, pow, every morning...gun fire on every horizon.....I now only have about 4 small doves left which have lived & returned. Sickening...unless they are actually used as 'FOOD' for someone...but that's not usually the case, sad to say. His creations, His gifts, for food or beauty.

I recently heard on the game show "Are you smarter than a 5th Grader?" that the wild black turkey was originally suppose to be America's National bird as set by our 'founding Fathers" because it was beautiful and plentiful in our nation. I'm equally very proud that the American EAGLE was chosen for it's Biblical meaning. (love it-in fact).....although after watching this sight the other day,....I can very easily SEE how our forefathers wanted this majestic animal to represent us as a nation.

So, as always, I am grateful for America's celebration of our THANKSGIVING....but it's a bit rough for the poor turkey's of our country....even tho their 'yummy flavor is great'...especially when slowly smoked. yum yum. But...This honor of the above...I think I will just enjoy eating that yummy dressing, gravy and pecan pie...and let the other melt my mind... back to 'my special memory'...of a very special day....'when God sent 5 wild black turkeys to my bedroom window' to bless my day to remind me that HE IS OUR HOLY CREATOR, FATHER and Lover of our soul.

May your day be blessed...everyday! Glory 2 Him
(even Turkeys know:) Psalm 119:105 "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path".