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Friday, March 28, 2008

Springing Back....

Hooray for the sunshine, the flowers, the jillion birds in my backyard that fight over my Walmart bird seeds. Hooray for a God who created seasons and SPRING TIME for a refreshing HOPE of starting over after the CHILL of cutting winds of winter. This is HIS example TO also start over...from physical, mental, financial PAINS, brokenness or disappointments in life. (everybody's got some portion of this bag of donuts and bagels. ha) Yet, Thank You God, our Father, for blessing us!

Yes, believe it or not...for the first time in almost a computer telephone line ALLOWED me to WRITE on my blog. Now that is truly a SPRINGING BACK miracle. HA HA

There have been so many times that different ones of my friends (who read blogs but do not write) have asked me "why' ...what happened to your writings? Well, it was not by choice. ha ha But throughout the time... I HAVE HAD many, many serious and funny blogs that I wanted to write---and because my Server would shut down and I would just write them in my journals... usually---or absentmindedly---being my own forgetful self...forgot all about it. ha ha But,forgetting is the Honor of getting old! LOL

The other day I sat out back and had the joy of 'watching the Geese flying north' for summer. This was something that both of my parents absolutely LOVED to do and as a child, we would STOP whatever we were doing on the ranch and look up and watch the graceful beauty of the Geese flying north or south per season. Naturally today as a retiree this childhood pleasure STILL brings joyful memories, as well as one of the greatest lessons of life, about How that God uses geese to teach us all... about HIS way. I hope you will read, agree and understand my writings & heart to heart thoughts.

Basically---from geese I have learned that...'there is STRENGTH IN it our family life, our church, or our nations warfront. (Springing eh if you will)

As you read, just remember....Geese fly in numbers for strength/power/success---through every type of storm...good and bad weather.)

As some of you know...I have to carry my cell phone with me at all times and my ID card is attached which is our Texas BGCT office in Dallas & it has my name & our motto of "Together. we can do more".

I love it. Because, truly, when troubles come...and they always do...regardless whether it is in our family, in our church, in our nation....just like the GEESE that fly so graceful above us...through the clouds, in the clouds, under and over them---like the geese....together we, too... can 'get through it..through the storms and troubles".

There is strength in numbers.

Alone,.... we sometimes, fall, fail, get depressed and just flat...give up---but like the geese---families, friends, churches (& sometimes nations--hummm) rush to our sides to boost us back up. (some some don't...but IT'S THE ONES THAT DO....THAT COUNT!!!! SMILE.

As most know...Mother Nature's scientific (Godly) fact....

large flocks of GEESE (or small groups) MOVE FASTER...higher...more protected...TOGETHER. Their wings provide the physics of 'air pockets/updrafts...of power'.
The strong lead...the weaker & weakest ride on the air pockets/updrafts of the leaders. (as families, churches & nations...we do the same...we lead when we are strong and have the power/means....and when we are weak, we sometimes have to simply sort of float back to the end of the line and let others help us through our situation.)

We usually don't want to accept it but we DO sometimes get too weak to fly...too weak to carry on.

The Lead Goose...ha the hardest, he has the greatest power...
but HE WILL tire out, wear out and he will have to eventually go to the back of the 'V". By the laws of nature...he will 'float' on the updraft of air made by the flock of birds that he once led. Their Wings will now carry him...the one who once led.

The most beautiful and unique thing about the nature of Geese is awesome...unlike most animals...(and even some humans).....ha ha...eventually WHEN the weakest goose gets too weak to fly ....and he falls to the ground and earth...sick or about to die...ALWAYS....TWO OTHER STRONGER GEESE will LEAVE THE 'V' formation and fly DOWN with the dying goose. Those 2 geese will STAY with their comrade until it gets better or it dies! Regardless the days.

They later will 'join' another FLOCK of geese and continue the warmer southern weather in the winter or to fresh cool northern lakes in the summer.

"There's Strength in numbers"...God's law/blessing upon & of nature and man. Yes, I love watching birds and especially the geese, because they encourage me to rely on family, friends, church and my beloved nation...but MOST OF ALL.....MY GOD who created it all and then said, "It is Good".

Have a happy day, today & everyday. He 'watches ore' the Sparrow...He watches over you and me!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter 2008 - until Beyond the Sunset....

Hi there, it's been a long time since I have been into my blog. Today I am at my daughters house and decided to try out her FANCY computer....which unlike mine....that cuts off everytime I want to change sites on the web...grrr..

This one works and it so much fun. So, to any of my old friends that possibly might drop by...please know that I AM STILL ALIVE. I AM STILL ON very dangerous chemotheraphy (experimental) treatment which causes much destructions and problems at times. But, hey, I am still alive when I was told I would not be here.

So, I am Blest...and my life goal is to BE A BLESSING!

MAY GOD BLESS YOUR DAY...until I see and talk with you again. In His love, Happy Easter, knowing Jesus did it all for US. GLORY, HONOR AND PRAISE TO HIS HOLINESS. IF YOU GET TO HEAVEN BEFORE ME...ask Him to save me a place close to YOU. Glory-B