Pathways of Life...

Friday, January 29, 2010

Living Today & Facing our Tomorrows....

Life is too short to wake up with regrets...

So, love the people who treat you right and..... forget the one's who don't.

Believe that everything happens for a reason.

If you get a second chance in life....grab it with both hands....and if it CHANGES your life
...let it...and enjoy the ride.

Nobody has promised us that life would be easy....just that it WOULD be WORTH IT.

I have often found that we seldom appreciate the miraculous beauty of the awesome morning 'Sunrise'...if we sleep through it...or if we wait constantly crying in the darkness. :-( The early bird gets the worm....and a half of a worm is better.... than no worm at all when you are hungry. ;-D My precious Mother used to say this and jillions of Biblical and old pioneering phrases that have all 'proven to be soooo true' throughout my life. I treasure my memories of her constant 'quotes' of wisdom, humor and scriptures.

I read this the other day and absolutely laughed myself to pieces because in my SENIOR years I live daily with dear ones that I truly enjoy.... but many fit the following.

People who wear 'their own halo...a wee bit tooo everybody else a headache. ;-)
Some people are so conceited that they think that God changes his 'opinions to suit their needs'.
While conceit often 'refreshes' the also makes everybody else sick. ha ha How true, how true! (I am with many, many college professors, retired pastors, top musicians and teachers....lovely people...but sometimes...OMGosh. Believe me, I truly speak little and just listen. ha ha I have to also add ....these are not my chosen/closest friends...just associates. ha ha (often--so sad--- age makes people forget the meaning of 'grace', wisdom and good manners....that they used to abide by professionally...and don't as they grow older....but I have to admit that they ARE entertaining. haha)

I find the following to be cute to remind myself to laugh and move on as well because:
If....and when....we turn 'green with envy' can bet we are RIPE for trouble to the long run of things....very often the 'less' that people know....the more certain they are that they are right. ;-D And, equally so, the Bible tells us plainly that it is foolish to argue with a fool, lest you reflect your own foolishness. hahaha Isn't God smart.
However, I continuiously have to say.... that 'Life still beautiful....even when there are warts, moles, trolls and holes". I am so glad to BE BE able to Laugh, to silence or with a giggle. It is a great blessing to treasure. Have a great day.
Lord, help us all endure the things that we don't understand...because YOU first loved us...and still do. "I will be glad and rejoice in thy mercy; for thou hast considered my trouble; thou hast known my soul in adversities." Psalm 31:7 Don't allow others to steal away your joy.
'A merry heart doeth good like a medicine' choose to laugh today & everyday with blessings. ;-D

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday to our First Granddaughter...

Can it be possible? Our first now 9 years old...and looks, well I'll leave that up to you. seems that it was ONLY yesterday that she was a tiny infant. Today, I set this blog aside just to honor her. She is most deserving of the "highlights and blessings' of having her 'cutie' picture to be posted on Grandma GG's blog!

Kori is special to me...not just because she is our first...but that she is a remarkable young lady that is constantly asking me, "Grandma GG, can I help you with the kitchen...always there for me."

I love remembering back to when she was just a little thing....her first 3 or 4 years, she always LOVED coming to stay with me. And her 'favorite position' for me and her....was me stretched out in my rocking recliner....and she PLANTED herself on my lap but also stretched herself on top of my legs. I was her mattress...ha we watched cartoons. She would FLOP...TURN...FLIP...but Grandma was not suppose to move. ha ha (ya know the mattress has to be firm and a good foundation). Yes, she has outgrown laying on Grandma GG's lap/legs (esp. since I had double knee replacement surgery ...ouch)...but she loves sitting on my lap whenever possible. Very meaningful for any Grandma...even when they out grow the! ;-D

Since it is Kori's 9th is only fair to have a picture of her Mom and Daddy, our son, Dewayne and his wife, Kelleye....cozy and cute.
This is one of my FAVORITE pictures of Kori as a baby. She is wearing HER DADDY'S own 'baby Santa Suite" that he wore as a baby...that Grandma saved for JUST THIS MOMENT...the first grandchild. ;-)
Aunt Jana also wore this darling little suit as a baby. (we even have the baby blue suit that Me Ma Seeley saved from Pop-pa when he was a baby... to be used for the grandkids....but we forgot to do this :- (---so sad. It would have been neat to have 3 generations represented in the same little infant clothing.)
But...One question about the above photo...."Do you think this baby could possibly have ...maybe...just a few too many STUFFED animals...hahahaha? Absolutely love this photo, Kori does too!
Kori's first date. Dad and Daughter Dance this last year. (I love this) She is reading Dad's "Love Letter" to her. ;-)
Happy 9th Birthday, Kori. Sweet Kisses...Sweet hugs...sweet nothings-- yet sweet everything to you, our beloved Miss Kori. May our loving God...Jesus Christ...forever guide your thoughts...all your actions...all your blessings and may you in return also forever honor, praise HIM and try your best to follow His guidelines as He teaches in your own personal Bible. May you always know where to turn when sad or bad times come into your life.
Kori, May all your dreams and prayers come true and become a blessings. May you always keep that awesomely BEAUTIFUL dimpled smile of yours...may that smile be used to help you through the tearful times that comes to everyone. But more importantly, Kori...may that beautiful smile of yours be used by make OTHER people happy and smiling. Our greatest times of happiness comes when 'we make somebody else feel good'.
We love you so very much, Kori, may this little blog that we write in Honor of YOU...make you truly have the greatest of HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!!! You are ALWAYS in our daily prayers for protection, guidance and your happiness.
Again....Happy 9th Birthday! Love, Granma GG and Poppa

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fun games...all about ''MeMe"...ha ha

Saw this 'meme' on my daughters blog and then she telephoned...asked me to 'do' this. So, 'just for the fun of it....and because she asked....I SHALL PARTAKE OF THIS JOY thereof. ha ha :-D

I am thinking: how addictive are the joys of the 'computer world'...(you know...facebook friends, blogs, prayer lines/inspirationals, testimonies, politics, angels and crooks, punkjunk, tons of jokes )... and yet...some of God's richest of blessings. :-D (I love it...or I wouldn't even know it WAS addictive. ha ha)
I am thankful for: everything good. (this page nor computer...or my time....can truly COVER all that I am sooo thankful for. Only God knows....and after all, guess that's what counts for all of

From the kitchen: wafting aroma of fresh cooking beef, onion, potatoes & veggies...encircle my head from a new pot of stew.... brewing for hubby...who just called me on the cell phone with excitement of watching a 'drug bust' in action on S. 340, complete w/DPS, deputies, cops, swat...all with guns drawn--- of all kinds. How exciting is that....a pot of stew here....or 'pot' crew causing a stew there? :-D lol...

I'm wearing: oh beloved old purple 'Cancer Survivor' tee shirt, jeans and my favorite fuzzy, flannel, 'hunters' shirt. So cozy.... :-D

I'm creating: poetry and computer cards for friends who enjoy being remembered and some who are 'seldom remembered by others'. I love creating my own cards...with their name...or their pictures with dinky little poetic chatter that ONLY they would/could enjoy. :-D It's personal ...they seem to love it ....and I really love doing it. fun fun fun

I'm going: to TRY to be better at accomplishing a jillion things this year....but hey, I have also, chosen to NOT beat myself up with guilt if I don't... I feel that God just wants me to treasure what I have, take better care of that....and do my best to see that other people have a blessing THROUGH me each time we meet....(in person or computer) That's a sincere prayer for me!

I'm reading: my Bible...not because of a MANdate...but because I always feel 'connected closer and touched' by God/Christ when I do. I love to journal my thoughts when I am doing this. I have ton's of composition books packed with the above. It has helped me become 'a Survivor of cancer, twice and get thru a million miserable issues that I didn't feel that I deserved, but was given. I encourage both...the reading and the writing. healthy fun. (oh yes...and I am not making fun...of churches or Bible Study groups that set their New Years goal 'to read through the Bible this year". That's always tops.)

I'm hoping: That I can achieve the another jillion major things for loved ones who are caught in some mighty hectic life situations...that THEY TOO did not ask for or deserve. :-(

I'm hearing: Red Birds and sparrows singing outside my windows....along with cars and 'truckers' going down the highway in front of my beloved home on the hillside---at 80 to 90 miles per hour at least. 70 on road sign...hummm. :-D Instrumental music is my fav ESCAPE TV channel that is also playing softly from the living room. (it lifts me to heaven when I am not yet dead...ha ha, how neat is that?) :-D
Around the house: One gigantic Tom cat is SNORING....and two--- half grown-- kittens are constantly trying to get my attention by getting ON the computer the window sill...near me... where they look outside & dribble 'cat spit' from tiny quiver lips..DREAMING... of desirous/DElicious .. Red birds and sparrows for an afternoon snack. ha ha Truly is 'wishful thinking'. (the other of these kittens actually 'batted his paw way up in the open air/sky...when he saw a BUZZARD silently flying overhead. We nearly died laughing--- poor thing just KNEW he was going to bat that buzzard down to the earth--checking that dude out.)

One of my favorite things right now: Warmer weather. After temps dipped to around 5 degrees a couple of nights ago----dear Father, thank You for Texas Sunshine and the hope for Spring.
A few plans for the week: my favorite groups have meetings. The retired Missionary group will have a luncheon, along with the WBA Pastors and Ministry leaders, the favorite....Baylor University Senior Choir has tons of new plans for this week and this Semester. Love my friends...about 100 in our choir. I've been there for ten years now....(since,..back when my Mom passed away & I joined because I missed her so much) and this was a wonderful transition for me---plus it added new power to my cancerous lungs that were destroyed by both Cancer and Staph infections that wiped out my immune system. I love performing in our concerts all over Central Texas, across the State and esp. the annual out-of-state Tours. We are headed for Oklahoma in April for a few days of entertaining numerous places: OK bombing site, Fed. sites, Cowboy Hall of Fame, many churches and retirement homes, etc.
Now if you'd like to play the above game...highlight, copy and paste it...erase my answers and have fun doing your own was a fun thing. Surprise...ha ha
Hope I didn't bore ya to tears. Life needs a little zest every once in something different. Regardless, just have fun in whatever ya do.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bitter Cold....Tiny Miracles

How does Mother Nature do it?
How do these teeny tiny pink flowers on these delicate velvet purple vines
survive 18 and 19 degrees of and horrendous winds? (mercy, I'm in the house and
wrapped up, sitting next to a heater and I'm almost

Gigantic trees leaves curl up and die
at the first breath of cool Autumn chill? Science...God, Lord, tell us
the simple answer? What miracles they are!

Each day I am deeply amazed at
'the Wonders of Nature". (God's Goodness)

I love this little present that God sent 'just for me...because this awesome Texas Sunflower suddenly decided to come live in my flower bed in November and then BLOOM long after the first freeze. It powerfully seems to flourish even greater as the temperatures deepen (18 and 19 degrees, high cold winds...yet it stands, smiling each day while all of it's cousins 'met their maker' way back in September.

I'm equally amazed at the awesome beauty of flower beds of recent years and their remarkable beauty...and as said, "how DO they survive the horrible freezing temperatures?" Little tiny Pansy faces...that grace every frozen northern the deep snow of winter.

Their remarkable FACE seems to get brighter and more vibrant in vast colors as the ice gets harder. Our God of creation must have had a real "party' when He designed all these beautiful array of colors and powerful plants of endurance. (Lord, help me be like these plants...strong, colorful, face the cold winds of life, the bitter things of life---that often make me fold over and beg to meet you sooner than Your plan is laid out.) :-o

Can anyone deny that THIS is beautiful...remarkable and a powerful representation of it's Creator? (pictures I recently took in Branson, Missouri...very cold...where all tourist questioned 'HOW".)
:-D God,

May YOU be blessed this day and everyday.
May we all gather encouragement from this simple thing the ''tiny flower''... that is able to overcome the 'harshness' of the world around us. :-D

Let the earth put forth vegetation, plants yielding seed....And God saw that it was good.

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Resolutions and HIS hands...

Wow, how EASY it is to make all those New Years Resolutions---after all there are sooo many to choose from! Ha ha But then, that may just be 'me'...maybe you are much better at being perfecto than I am.

For years now....I join the whole nation in 'sharing' the same New Years Resolutions as the average right, healthy, lose weight, exercise more. This usually last for about a month and some maybe, even a week or so. ha ha

Oh, how pitiful. How 'not in control'. How unwise and oh, how I NEED MY SAVIOR. :-D

Well, that is all a wonderful goal...and again I claim it---but after a wonderful Holiday celebration for the whole month of well as November with Christmas trips and tours....I have chosen to add one special goal to the above resolutions. LIVE SIMPLE....

The other night after all the celebrations were over and all families had returned to their own homes, also in their own joys of relaxations.... :-D .... our house and our rooms were suddenly quiet (well, if you don't count hubby's remote control in hand...ha ha)...the house seemed back to a relaxed peace of an aging and the joy & contentment of me and all three cats...all spread out on our king sized bed, mellowing down in the fluffy old bed comforter that we all like to 'bury up within'. Warm Snuggles.

As usual, I read my Bible and...this time... my favorite way...of just 'opening it up to WHATEVER GOD wants me to read for the moment'. That night it was a SIMPLE passage that seemingly I had read a jillion times. Psalms 13:6 "I will sing unto the Lord, for He is good to me".

Wow, that seemed to take on new meaning. after all----I love music, I love to sing, love my Lord and oh yes, HE IS SO GOOD TO ME. ---- It's just that simple! He loves me ....just like I am. Simple. Simple. Simple.

As I curled up....thinking....(you know...the 'be still and know' thing)....really LISTENING to God's whisperings in my heart, ear and soul. Yes, I suddenly realized.....that's my REAL just.... LIVE SIMPLE.

His words were simple: "Don't be fearful....just be Faithful..."

Instantly, (because that's the way God is sometimes...)...I began to remember the Christmas Story: Mary, the sweet young innocent maiden.... so simple in her faith when it was a horrific, almost deadly situation for her. No wonder she 'feared"... Then there was Joseph...a simple man...facing a world that was ruled by 'judgemental MEN, his fellow friends...and yet secretly... his heart was fearful and broken... because of his deep love for an innocent young girl (Mary) who could be murdered for being pregnant and he wasn't the father--yet Joseph also, like Mary.... in blind Faith, they both listened to an angel (which in great likelihood... may have doubted even seeing an angel of God...much less followed in blind Faith, all the things that they both questioned/ well as what they both KNEW... could happen.

They both chose to FEAR NOT...and follow.

Then my mind quickly went on to thoughts of the lowly Sheep herders, on the cold winter hillside far away from Bethlehem to 'leave their sheep to danger and follow a STAR" (how foolish is that? They also knew the world looked down upon them because of their smell and their jobs... (they likely even feared of being around people who judged them harshly by their sheep smell! No one likes to be rejected.)
Yet , daily and Nightly....with love, tenderness and innocence they tended to their flocks of messy smelly, sometimes stubborn sheep ---(just as did all of my childhood (300 at one point) and yes, I, too, remember their sheepy smell, poop, their awful birthing, bleating, death, freezing cold, the pitiful little orphans, attacks by wolves and wild dogs, blood, worms, suffering and pain... and yet I really loved taking care of them...because they WERE simple....innocent, needed my care. I too have been a Sheppard and so, it is easy for me to identify with stubborn, smelly, yet sweet/innocent sheep.... the Sheppard's lifestyle. Simple. Simple work. Simple kindness. Simple care taking.

So, the Sheppard's, just like Mary and Joseph...chose to 'Fear go in blind Faith" following 'unbelievable angels voices'. They each followed in simple the Star of Bethlehem, to the Star of David, to the Star of of the whole Universe and Eternity! God.

That night as I lay on my warm, comfortable bed, listening to cold winds blowing harshly against the window panes....I began to totally FEEL God's presence and well as HEAR...Him whispering words of encouragement into my soul, my heart and trying erase FEAR that only the devil tried to place upon me. "God's word is SIMPLE"... "Simply BE what I made you to be. LIVE SIMPLE----Faithful, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly....and LEAVE the rest to me---your GOD''

Could God be any plainer...(even to lowly sheep...who sometimes find it hard to understand the voice of the Sheppard.) Mercy..God KNEW that these are the very THINGS that I already LOVED to do, anyway! God simply told me in... no misunderstood words...."Be simple, be yourself, I love you. I died so that you could LIVE. Live simple. I created you...and I am GOD." .............
( So, can it get any better than THAT?)
And how about your world....could this message be helpful to anyone else? I don't know...but He does. :-D
The devil constantly tries to 'set our limits and place fear of the unknown in our hearts to defeat our moving forward and accomplishing what God has planned for our good. The choice is ours in 'whom we believe and whom we follow'. Lovingly and sometimes, silently, God constantly reminds us that....All we can the best we can do...the rest is HIS.
Live Simple: Fear not. Be Faithful ...(like the examples of Mary, Joseph and the lowly Sheppard's) Join me in this SIMPLE resolution, in covering all the other desires of your heart.
Father, may you bless all who reads this 100 fold. "I will SING unto the Lord, for HE is good to me."