Pathways of Life...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Easter 2010, Joy comes in the Morning, Thank You, Jesus!

Have you ever wanted to 'fly on the wings of an Eagle'? Have you ever thought how awesome it must be to soar high, around the mountain peaks, watching all the earth and beings below? Have you ever wondering how it feels to have the soft gentle breeze of the valley reach up and brush your face with freedom and abandon? Well, I have. I love to dream. I love to drift....and I love to think of God being 'right there with me'. ;-D

I think God gave reference to the awesome eagle in Scripture to entice us to seek Him, seek His majestic greatness, the unknown, the wild freedom as we have never known. God also wants us to experience the Valley, not just the mountain. There can beauty in each...there is fear in both. Yet, the majestic eagle...soars onward, upward and always TO Him.

Weeping, tears and fears love to encompass our night...yet Scripture assures us 'that JOY comes in the morning"...and usually it does or at least the situation seems better in the light of day...than it did in the middle of blackest night! I think Easter is a great example of light breaking through all darkness, (the empty tomb at Sunrise) the sun shines light into the valley...just as it did on the mountain peak and sometimes we may be in 'our darkest valley' but God really wants us to come up out of the valley.... 'soar like Eagles, above, in the light, not darkness/shadows, free.... not in bondage of problems and... shouting JOY, inspite of pain.
These are my poetic thoughts on it....

THE VALLEY of Shadows...

Yes, I HAVE been through the 'valley of weeping',
I've been through sorrow, death and pain.
And yes, the 'comfort of God' was with me,
pushing me to be bold, trusting and to sustain.

For the earth needs clouds, rain and sunshine,
Just as our souls need both, sorrow and Joy.
And He often places us in the furnace,
For golden lessons and our troubles to destroy.

He leads us through some 'Valleys of trouble',
His hands of power... we can easily trace,
Becaue the trials and sorrows we endure,
Are part of His lessons... of solitude and grace.

We try to shrink away from His pruning,
Forgetting, the Knowledge that He betows,
Because the deeper the cutting and paring,
The Richer and stronger... the plant will grow.

He knows that deep affliction is oft needed,
For He has a wiser purpose... in His view,
For after we walk in the Valley, He whispers,
'Hereafter, you will know what I would Do'.

Yes, we travel through life's shadowed valley,
His love springs forth fresh....constantly arise,
As we all learn that all our sorrows and losses,
Are really our Blessings, growing in disguise.

So, in blind faith, humbly....we follow,
Regardless if pathways are dreary.... or bright
For we have proof that God is our Comforter,
He gives us... Songs in the shadows...
as well as.... Joy in the morning light!

Have a Happy Easter! An empty tomb... He is Alive, we're forgiven and can have eternal life!!! Hallaluia!