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Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy Anniversary # wonderful !!!

Wow, cannot believe that we have had such a wonderful, awesome lifetime of 54 years of God's richest of blessings!  Where, oh where, did the time go?  It seems such a short time ago that we were High School sweethearts, giggling, running to and fro, racing virtually from one point to another for ....actually.... 56 years of this 'Merry-go-Around' or Life!!!  I was 16 when we met/started dating, married 2 years later - - -
   I have been so busy this past year.... that I didn't even realize that I had forgotten about 'blogging'.....when I used to 'blog' everyday it's Facebook funnies and such fun there. 
   So, when my favorite niece shared that she'd visited my first thought was...'' Omgosh...I totally forgot about that....I need to least 'something' and thus the brightest thought was about our most treasured anniversary celebration.
     Each year just gets better than the we finally learn to 'accept what we cannot change' and have tried changing things that couldn't be change. here we are, once again....still laughing just as we did as teenagers...giddy and happy to be alive and well. 
    Our wonderful friends......along with over 100 facebook chosen friends/family....have sent us the greatest and most rewarding/encouraging 'Best Wishes'....ever!  We are both sort of 'floating' on air in our little cloud of life...just to know the richness of friends/ our health is also best it can for this age.hahaha  (better to laugh about it than cry....)  ;-)  
    So, it IS.... with greatest Joy that I look forward....antiscipating this next year...will we live to share.... number 55 years of wedded bliss?  
     However, if God chooses to take either of us to our forever home in His heaven this year....we each KNOW.... AND HAVE KNOWN all these years that   the greatest of  God's words is....'L O V E'......for....''it is He, that lives in me....''  for He is love itself.
    Thank You, Dear God....for blessings us with the awesome years of blessings of.... being loved....and loving each other and so many, many others!
      Dedicated to my Gem of a Jim   -  -  -  Happy 54th Wedding Anniversary !  ;-)


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